Planned Giving

Giving a charitable bequest is an easy way to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to our organization and, in many cases, limit your tax liability. No matter your stage in life or your financial situation, we hope you will consider including a gift to Boston By Foot in your will or living trust.  

You can arrange for your bequest to be a certain amount of money or a percentage of your estate. The gift can also be contingent on certain events, and you can make adjustments to your gift at any time. Please know that all gifts, large or small, are gratefully accepted and will have a tremendous impact on our, large or small, are greatly appreciated.

Wills and Bequests

Including a statement in your will is an important way to make sure your wishes are honored and an easy way make a big impact. You can arrange for a bequest of a certain amount of money or a percentage of your estate to be given to Boston By Foot. Your gift can be contingent on certain events, and adjustments can be made at any time.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plan assets are often subject to significant taxation and are therefore optimal assets to donate to a cause that is important to you. You can designate all or a portion of a retirement plan such as an IRA or a 401(k) to be donated after the assets have first supported an owner or spouse.

Life Insurance

Designating Boston By Foot to receive all or a part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy is a wonderful way to make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant gift. Ask your insurance company for a beneficiary designation form.


Donating appreciated marketable securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds is a simple way to support Boston By Foot while also enjoying tax benefits for yourself.

How to give

Consult your financial advisor or attorney when preparing or making adjustments to your estate plans and to help you determine which planned giving opportunity is best for you. Sample language for making a bequest in your will or trust is included below.

"I give and bequeath to Boston By Foot, Inc., of Boston, Massachusetts the sum of $[exact dollar amount] for its general purposes.”

“I give and bequeath [percentage]% of the remainder of my estate to Boston By Foot, Inc., of Boston, Massachusetts, to be used for its general purposes.”

“If any or all of my heirs named herein have predeceased me, I give and bequeath the portion of my estate reserved for that person or persons to Boston By Foot, Inc., of Boston, Massachusetts, for its general purposes.”


Boston By Foot, Inc. is a non-profit organization, exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue code. Our tax identification number is 042639059.

Please notifuiy us about your intentions so that we can officially acknowledge your generous contribution and the investment you are making in Boston By Foot’s future.